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Make your current home your dream home.

Lexington KY Home Remodeling

You might not need to move in order to find your dream home…you could already be living in it! If you love your location and property but would love to make changes to the appearance of your home perhaps it’s time to consider a remodel. If you are in the market for a new home but can’t find anything just right on the market, consider purchasing a home that needs work, and is likely to be a bargain, and remodeling the property to suit your needs after closing.

Common reasons for remodeling:

  • To achieve an updated, more attractive look.
  • For improved energy efficiency which can reduce both your utility costs and your environmental impact.
  • To make the home accessible for a family member with disabilities.
  • To remove mildew, mold, asbestos, lead paint, or other hazards.
  • To improve a home before listing it for sale in an effort to get more for the property and sell quickly.
  • Add additional space for a growing family.
  • Whatever the motivation for your remodel be sure to talk to the experts at William Doyne construction. Doyne’s team will create the home you’ve always dreamed of with a careful eye on your budget.
  • They also understand that a whole home renovation is a large disruption for all members of the family from adults to children to pets, and will do everything in their power to complete the project
  • quickly.

Bill truly does beautiful work! His first consideration is to do the highest quality work that he possibly can.

-a previous client

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